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Trackpro has been selling selections on the web for over 20 years. Although there are hundreds of horse race handicapping services on the internet, very few come close to the quality horse racing selections provided by Trackpro in Saratoga Springs, New York. If you are not winning consistently at the race track, give our professional selections a try! We put horses in our reports that even experienced handicappers sometimes overlook that payoff at tremendous odds!! The consistency of our handicapping is what our customers depend on, and we are proud of the fact that we list the winner in the majority of races we handicap at Belmont Park, Del Mar, Keeneland, Gulfstream Park, and Saratoga Race Course. We also handicap many other tracks depending on what meet is currently running.


Don't be like many racing fans that are afraid to bet to win or place on a horse over 3-1 or 4-1 on the board. Any horse listed in the Trackpro reports is capable of winning the race no matter what the odds are. Trackpro nails winners that consistently pay over 10-1, and sometimes over 20-1, so don't worry about going against a shaky favorite. A shaky favorite is defined as any horse that is the morning line favorite, or the tote board favorite but does not appear in the Trackpro report. This means the horse is probably lacking enough positive handicapping factors to win calculated by our proprietary Trackpro Value Rating (TPV) software. It does not mean the favorite can't win, it just means the horse should be looked at closely to be sure you are making the right betting decision. Strong solid favorites will generally appear on top in our reports with a TPV rating at 2.0 or higher. Trackpro gives out a shaky favorite in the Turf Club on occasion. Be sure to join the Turf Club below.


On most racing days, the TPV algorithm will mark one or more top selections with the SV symbol which become our Super Value Win Bets. These special selections are the reason many customers purchase our horse racing picks day in and day out. The Super Value Win Bets are designed especially for racing fans that love to bet just one or two horses a day to win along with our exclusive Trackpro Longshots (TL), and overlooked Form Overlay (FO) selections. What makes the Super Value and Trackpro Longshot selections unique is the fact that these horses are normally flying under the radar as far as the public betting is concerned. They may have a slow speed rating, an out of the money finish, or coming back to the races off a layoff. These factors will generally boost the price of the horse which is where the value comes from. Sometimes the Super Value selection will be showing very sharp form and maybe moving up in class off a big win. In any event, these horses generally make excellent selective win bets, and they are exclusive to!


For professional handicappers and racing fans that are looking to "single" a horse in the horizontal wagers, or to make a substantial win bet on just one or two horses on a card, give our Solid Favorites (SF) a try! The handicapping requirements that the solid favorites must meet are very strict, and the TPV algorithm will not list just any favorite with a low morning to win. The horse must be in sharp form, and have enough class to compete and win the race. The solid favorites figure strongly to win, and they should win most of the races where they are listed. There are no guarantees of course, but the results speak for themselves.


Trackpro has developed a proprietary and unique algorithm that clearly identifies horses that have Notable Class ($) in the race. These horses are marked with the "$" symbol next to the horses name in the report. Because the handicapping class criteria is very strict as to which horses can qualifiy for this designation, very few horses will be marked on a typical days card, but those horses that do receive the "$" symbol should be given close attention, and sometimes they will win at double digit payoffs. But most of the time the payoffs will be between 2-1 and 4-1 because of course the public sees the class advantage too!


The Trackpro reports also contain a (%) designation for trainer and jockey combinations that typically generate a positive Return on Investment (ROI) of $2.00 or more for each two dollars wagered. The High T/J ROI (%) designation will appear next the jockey name with the percent (%) symbol. When subscribers see this symbol in the reports, pay particular attention to the tote board odds. In general, these connections (trainer / jockey) do well together, and the win payoffs on these horses can sometimes be astronomical!


Trackpro has developed a powerful and effective algorithm that ranks every contender in the race according to how much pace the horse has. But make no mistake, the Trackpro Pace Ranking (TPR) is unique and different from any similiar calculation in the industry. Trackpro developed this algorithm after much research and testing. Racing fans know the old saying that "pace makes the race", and sometimes racing fans can pick longshot winners using nothing more than the top ranked pace horse that has a morning line at 6-1 or higher. The TPR is listed to the left of the speed rating for the horse in the report so that subscribers can easily see how the horse is expected to run. A top ranked TPR at "1" means the horse has the potential to be the "controlling speed" in the race, and many times these horses do in fact win wire to wire. A TPR at "6" for example means the horse likes to lay back way off the pace and then close into the leaders in the stretch. A perfect example of a horse with this running style is GREATEST HONOUR who loves to close like a freight train in deep stretch. Pace handicappers will find the TPR extremely useful when deciding on which horse to bet to win.


If you are looking for consistent winning professional selections, you found the right website right here at The winner of the race will be listed by our proprietary TPV algorithm in the majority of races handicapped on most days. Why? Because horses that figure to win, do win most of the time. Handicapping is not complicated, but it does require paying attention to details, and a comprehensive review of the past performances for each horse. That's exactly what our proprietary Trackpro Value Rating (TPV) does. It evaluates the past performances for each contender in every race, and it does not "throw out" horses due to poor recent form, a low win percentage jockey or trainer, or even a morning line at 20-1 or higher. The TPV looks at each horse in an unbiased manner, and it looks at the past performances in their entirety, that's why it is so consistent, and it is definitely powerful! Our reports offer tremendous wagering value, and the cost is only $6.00 per track per day. That's about half the cost of other selection services, and you don't need to purchase a subscription. However, we do offer discounts if you are interested in a weekly or monthly subscription. Just send me an email and tell me what track you are interested in.


All you need to do is provide your name and email. It's that simple! Your email address is kept private and you can unsubscribe anytime. Trackpro writes a newsletter that is sent out to the club almost every racing day. In the Turf Club you will receive Free Selections, Shaky Favorites, Handicapping Tips, Wagering Strategies, Horses To Watch, Stakes Analysis, Racing Fan Comments, and so much more. In the Turf Club you get information not available on this website. Join today!