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The Trackpro Value Rating (TPV)

We developed the Trackpro Value Rating (TPV) to pinpoint betting value among the horses listed in our daily reports. In general a TPV Rating of 1.50 or higher on our top selection indicates the horse has an excellent chance to win at a good price.  Use the Trackpro Value Rating to identify strong contenders that might be overlooked in the wagering pools.  As an example, we picked CREATOR on top to win the 2016 Belmont Stakes.  He had a TPV Rating of 1.70 and paid $34.80 to win!!  Very few professional handicappers noticed the inherent betting value of this TOP SELECTION but he had the highest TPV Rating in the race.


In a recent study of 175 races we handicapped at Belmont Park from June 10, 2016 to July 4, 2016, we listed the winner in 110 races for a listing percentage of 62.8%.  If you bet our top selection in every race that had a TPV rating of 1.50 or higher, you would have made a profit of $58.00 for a solid return on investment (ROI) of 16.95%.  Please visit our Recent Winners page for more information.

Horse Waiting by Carrier After Race

How We Handicap Each Race Track

We rely upon basic fundamental handicapping techniques to prepare our contender list. The three C's of handicapping are class, consistency, and conditioning. These are the factors we examine in detail for each horse listed in our reports. We do not rely on pace ratings, jockey or trainer win percentages, speed figures, or beaten lengths. We look for improving horses that are placed at the proper class level and show signs of proper training for today's distance.

We encourage all our subscribers and visitors to review our picks and see for yourself that winning at the race track is just a matter of combining good handicapping with smart betting. At we prepare reports that list multiple win selections on almost every card with outstanding betting value most days.

Super Value Win Bets

The primary reason people use our reports is because we deliver! Our Super Value Win Bets are indicated by the "SV" symbol immediately to the left of the horse's name. Whenever you see the "SV" symbol, think about making a serious win bet!

These selections are the cream of the crop when it comes to value wagering. We cannot guarantee profits will result by wagering exclusively on our Super Value Win Bets, but we do know that these exclusive horses pay off well into the double digits and sometimes at astronomical odds!

Selective and disciplined flat win betting has been proven time and time again to generate profits, and our Super Value Win Bets are not to be missed! They offer just the right combination of win percentage and betting value to keep our customers coming back for more! Get FREE Super Value Win Bets by joining our Turf Club! CLICK HERE!

Handicapped Tracks can handicap all the thoroughbred racing tracks in the United States and Canada. Our professional reports show the horses ranked in order according to the highest Trackpro Value Rating (TPV) each horse has earned. Our exclusive Trackpro Value Rating is assigned to every horse in each race using our proprietary handicapping system that we spent over ten (10) years developing. Because our horses figure so strongly to win races, very few horses are scratched in our reports which means more likely winners. However, we do not take into account track conditions which we leave to the trainer and owner of the horse as they will most likely scratch the horse in advance if they know the horse does not like a wet footing.

Horse Racing Reports

Excellent pricing! a full race card report is on sale for only $6.00 per track per day! But, we offer Special discounts if you wish to purchase three (3) or more reports per day. Volume discounts are available to our members who purchase daily for 30 days or more. If you would like to receive our FREE Super Value Horse Racing Win Bets, with in depth analysis of individual races, which peer deep into the past performances for each horse, then please sign up to become a member of our Trackpro Turf Club!! Membership is free and offered at no extra charge, with no obligations to purchase our reports.

Horse Racing Results

You can view our past selections for FREE on the Recent Winners page.CLICK HERE! No purchase is necessary.

How To Use Our Professional Reports

When using our handicapping tips, please take note of the Track Toteboard which shows the current betting odds of each horse, and then see if the current odds are higher than the morning line being offered in our listed horse racing picks. The greater the overlay, the better wagering value the horse represents. Bet to win and place if the odds are over 10-1. Do this as close to post time as possible because odds change quickly two or three minutes prior to the start of each race, at each track.

Free Saratoga Turf Club Racing Newsletter

Our Turf Club Newsletter features Free Winning Picks, Wagering Strategies, Horses to Watch, Hot Jockeys and Trainers, and notes on which horses are working out well in the mornings. We also highlight horses that are very well bred, purchased for high prices at the Fasig-Tipton Saratoga sales, and other important horse racing news in the Sport of Kings! Be sure to sign up!

Race Track - Referral Bonus

When you refer someone to, and they purchase at least one of our reports, we will reward you with a FREE Professional Handicapped Report for the track of your choice. Just send us an email with the name of the person, date, and track who purchased our selections to receive your FREE Report!